The internet is a strange place. But Amazon is a gold mine for finding those DVD’s and Books you used to love but thrashed to pieces. Below are a few works of art that get us inspired.


for the full description of how this went down head to there vimeo page. Perfectly describes what happens in the water in SA. Sharing waves with your mates, you look to the beach, and see the frill necking pack running up the beach (think of those frill neck lizards) towards your bank and you try calm yourself for the circus that’s about to happen. You don’t need to be a Brazilian to be guilty of this. Have some respect people. On a happier note how good is that spear tackle!

Surf Rage : Kiwi vs Brazillian from on Vimeo.

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Andy Manners

Andy Manners. Photo by Andy Manners. Click to enlarge

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heath joske

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STATEOFSURF : PHILIPPE DIDELOT from State of Surf on Vimeo.

Diddy smashing it around victor and a bit of pondie. These clips are a little taste of our movie vol.1 available from our store on DVD ready to post out to you check it out,



Victor Harbors Steve Manners sets his rail while traveling in Costa Rica

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Wow. Teale Vanner blows minds in this video from Zac Heath. Teale’s tube riding has been incredible since he came out of his first head dip at Emu Bay reef on the north coast of K.I at the age of 3. Well, the age and location of his first tube may not be quite that accurate but the point is it seems he like was born in there. He has that freak magician ability to be deeper than anyone and still make it out.

hats off.

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