On Saturday the Yorkes Classic was put on hold. So what else is there to do but get tubed at 44′s? Below are a couple of frame grabs one of Teale Vanner and the other of Philippe Didelot making the most of the morning off. Congrats the Brett Edwards who won the Yorkes Classic the following day.

Teale at 44's Diddy at 44's


CAUGHT RED HANDED featuring Khai Adams from State of Surf on Vimeo.

A little web clip supported by Yeo Haus http://www.yeohaus.com/ featuring the main man down south Khai Adams.
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video by


song Red Right Hand
artist FIDLAR

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The internet is a strange place. But Amazon is a gold mine for finding those DVD’s and Books you used to love but thrashed to pieces. Below are a few works of art that get us inspired.


for the full description of how this went down head to there vimeo page. Perfectly describes what happens in the water in SA. Sharing waves with your mates, you look to the beach, and see the frill necking pack running up the beach (think of those frill neck lizards) towards your bank and you try calm yourself for the circus that’s about to happen. You don’t need to be a Brazilian to be guilty of this. Have some respect people. On a happier note how good is that spear tackle!

Surf Rage : Kiwi vs Brazillian from GoSurf.co.nz on Vimeo.

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Andy Manners

Andy Manners. Photo by Andy Manners. Click to enlarge

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